About us

We specialize in providing creative design solutions that enhance and transform spaces. Our company, Layers Design, was founded in 2023 by Shahd Al-Saeed, owner and designer engineer. We offer a range of services including interior architecture, architecture, and landscape design. Our approach is known for its fresh and comfortable interpretation of living and working environments, taking into account our clients’ vision and functionality. We combine modern, traditional and futuristic elements to create progressive and timeless design solutions. Each project in our portfolio is unique, starting with a collaborative design concept developed in partnership with the client. We prioritize communication and ensure our clients are updated throughout the entire project


Excellence in design and execution Achieve excellence in architectural and interior design, ensure the efficient professional execution of our projects to achieve the desired vision. Customer satisfaction Achieve customer satisfaction by understanding their needs and expectations, delivering services that precisely meet their expectations. Service diversity Provide a wide range of services, including interior design, architecture design, and landscape design. Innovation and creativity Promote innovation and creativity in every project, contributing to the creation of unique and appealing designs. Sustainability Adopt sustainable design practices and modern technology to contribute to environmental conservation.